A Note on Scheduling


If you’d like a sample edit, go ahead and send me your manuscript, along with a little information about your timeline and publishing goals (seeking agent or self publishing).

The sample normally takes about a week because I’m┬áridiculously thorough, and because sometimes I get several requests at the same time. If I can’t do it in that time frame (I take holidays) I’ll let you know.

For editing, I’m typically booked up 6-8 weeks into the future. [Once in a while I have gaps in the schedule so if you do need quick turnaround just email me a note and I’ll let you know if I have a window of opportunity to work on your stuff.]

This is great for me, as I get to anticipate the next book while I give my all to the one I’m editing. It’s not so great for you if you’re seeking a quick turnaround.

To help us both, you might want to ask for a sample edit before you’re quite ready. Maybe you’re 90% done the novel, or you know the draft needs work before you send it to an editor.

I’ll give you the sample and if we both want to proceed it’s a win-win: you have more time to polish up the ms., and I have something new to look forward to down the road!

Yours in the spirit of more information sometimes being helpful,

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