A note on scheduling


If you’d like a sample edit, go ahead and send us your manuscript, along with a little information about your timeline and publishing goals (seeking agent or self publishing).

The sample normally takes a few days because we are ridiculously thorough, and because sometimes we get several requests at the same time.

For editing, we are typically booked up 3-8 weeks into the future.

This is great for us, as we get to anticipate the next manuscript while giving our all to the one in editing. It’s not so great for you if you’re seeking a quick turnaround.

Once in a while we have gaps in our schedules, so if you do need quick turnaround just email us a note and we’ll let you know if we have a window of opportunity to work on your stuff.

As an alternative, you might want to ask for a sample edit before you’re quite ready. Maybe you’re 90% done the novel, or you know the draft needs work before you send it to an editor.

We’ll do the sample edit and if we both want to proceed it’s a win-win: you have more time to polish up the ms., and we have something new to look forward to down the road!

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