How to get to ‘THE END’

In 2015 I taught a workshop on how to get to those two sweetest words in the writer’s lexicon: THE END.

One great thing about taking a course is that it makes your day bubble over with happiness. You get to look forward to it. Then you get to do it. Courses and retreats help fill that non-negotiable need all writers have: the need to SUPPORT YOUR WRITING LIFE.

So my next brilliant idea was to turn that workshop into an e-course.

Not just any e-course, but a self-paced cornucopia of strategies for getting from “aargh” to “done.”

Strategies like:

  • How to establish your creative routine and find your focus.
  • How to overcome your own resistance to the work.
  • How to “Granny Yip” a writing project, who “Granny Yip” is, and what that means (hint: you’ll start using this strategy to finish allĀ those half-completed projects).
  • How to use structure as a catalyst and guide.
  • How to enlarge your tool kit with key elements of craft.
  • How to support your writing life.
  • How to approach revision.
  • How to know when it’s “done.”

Here’s what participants have said about the workshop:

“I got over my writer’s block, figured out how to rework my novel, and rediscovered a sense of fun.”

“It demystified the whole shebang. I’m already using what I learned. It’s really sound stuff for any writing project, or art project, or anything creative.”

“I’ve been doing project management for 35+ years and this workshop is one of the best organized, well structured, well delivered programs on how to get it done I’ve attended (or given!)”

“I wrote my first draft by following the instructions. The philosophy applies to all projects.”

“I got further along on my project and knew I needed to approach it differently; it was not working the way I initially structured it.”

“Being exposed to your process and being mentored by your framework allowed me to examine myself and my project.”

“It was very helpful, well taught, full of genius, useful.”

“I started to get [my book] on paper and out of my head. Comprehensive overview with lots of practical elements. So grateful.”

If you’d like to hear about the e-course when it’s ready, send me an email or sign up here.

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