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Phenom. That’s how I would describe Pat and her work on my memoir. Her precision at identifying the shape of the work and where it needed deep shifting pushed me toward a reconfigure of some personal paradigms. Yes. I said that. There were artifacts in the way I was trying to shape the work that were interfering with the arc and flow of my storytelling. Her command of  the editorial process pulled open the shades to illuminate my blind spots, where I found a truer representation of who I was without feeling like I was describing someone else or cutting off a limb or two in the process. She’s brilliant, absolutely charming to dialogue with, and so very gifted as an editor.  

Shayne Tolman, Writer

Pat has been a joy to work with. She is friendly, informative, and has a knack for turning something confusing into something that makes sense. My book had a nuanced character arc problem and I couldn’t figure out how to handle it. She got right to the point, explained the situation, and offered suggestions on how I could fix it. It was like I was standing in a dark room and she showed me where the light switch was.  If you are looking for an editor, I highly recommend Pat Dobie.

JH, Writer

I asked Pat Dobie to help me edit my first novel, and she has been one of the best editors I’ve seen. She is skillful at both development editing and line editing. She is frank and encouraging, and her tone is direct, yet friendly. She has made my novel better, and she will make your work better, too.

Sharon Harrigan, Author

Pat was the second editor I invested in. The first gave me a lot of verbal encouragement but little in the way of thoughtful deconstruction and reconstruction of the story being told on the page. Before seeking out a replacement editor, I did my research. Pat was the clear choice from the start. I was astonished at her creative insight and thoroughness with my novel and the amount of work she put into her edit was far above my expectations. I feel fortunate to have worked with Pat and can say with certainty my future novels will benefit from her guidance.

Robert Nix, Writer

Choosing an editor is a big decision both creatively and financially. It’s daunting to hand over a manuscript not knowing what you’ll get in return. Pat first put me at ease with her free sample edit. She was fast, yet thorough. With only my first chapter she clearly saw my strengths and weaknesses and she found a plot problem which had never crossed my mind in two years–and none of the other sample editors found. Her style is both complimentary and honest, without ever being harsh. I’m thankful for her truly constructive and thorough criticism, and her willingness to brainstorm with me post-edit. I never felt I was just another edit. Her eyes and expertise made my manuscript something I feel confident sending out to industry professionals.

Miranda Bagley, Writer

I heartily endorse Pat Dobie as a skillful and highly competent editor. She is razor-sharp in pinpointing inconsistencies in content, highlighting matters of style and recommending areas to condense. She is extraordinarily insightful, not to mention diplomatic, in her remarks

Larry Feign, Author and Artist

The decision to contact Pat Dobie for my book manuscript was one of the best I’ve made. Although I made the decision rationally, I still feel it was a huge stroke of luck. The quality of Pat’s work went far beyond my expectations. As an editor myself I know some of the ropes, but she tactfully coached me into re-examining phrases, scenes, and whole chapters. She explained many details of the novel-publishing business and how these could make a difference for the intended audience, issues I wasn’t aware of. I’m blown away by the results. I had an editor for the same manuscript several years ago, but ended up discouraged and put it away. Pat has shown me how to respect my story and make it shine.

Mary Ellen Chatwin, Writer

Working with Pat Dobie has been an incredible experience. From the overall story arc down to line edits, her touch and insights have been profound and incredibly helpful. It’s also been educational; I have a better idea how to approach manuscripts in the future. Her effort, teaching and mentorship have meant a lot.

Ken Marriott, Writer

I was amazed at Pat’s in-depth analysis, her suggestions and the care she showed in dealing with the text. For me, reading her editorial letter was like a short course in writing. Her comments even gave me a new understanding of what I had written, and how to look at text, how to organize it and how an outsider would see it. Pat is the dream editor for any writer.

Pnina Granirer, Author and Artist

Pat Dobie strikes me as an exceptionally talented and sensitive editor. We have worked together closely on several fiction projects and she not only has a gift for close reading, she also has a fantastic grasp of structure. She displays exceptional sensitivity toward the tone of different pieces and is able to suggest changes while respecting the author’s voice.

Elizabeth Rutherford-Johnson, Playwright and Novelist

Pat Dobie provided so much intelligent insight that I’m mostly kind of just luxuriating in that. This is a lovely thing, having a clearer understanding of the holes in the story—where they are and what they are asking to be filled with. I really like Pat’s pacing suggestions and am trying to stick to them. Sometimes it’s very hard to cut, but the end result is that much stronger.

Charles G., Writer

In writing my memoir I’d worked with two editors prior to Pat, without much success. They seemed to be looking to me for answers, whereas I wanted to look to them. I gave Pat carte blanche to do as she pleased, and she took full advantage, reorganizing the book, cutting, trimming, tightening. It was a deep edit, which is exactly what it needed. I can state unequivocally that my very great satisfaction with the final version of my book is because of Pat’s work as my editor. She is a solid, grounded source of insight and guidance, a reliable compass through the tumultuous sea of writing, without whom I have no doubt I’d still be irrevocably lost.

Mark Bentley-Cohen, Author and Playwright

Pat Dobie is a really excellent editor. Her comments are not just helpful, but INSPIRING. I printed them out last night and read through them and, maybe I’m crazy, but I just can’t wait to work on my own writing again. I am practically manic with happiness about having a path back into that book and its revisions. Pat gave me great stuff to work with.

HZ, Author

I was lucky enough to find Pat through word of mouth and good reference. From the initial sample edit, I knew she was the right fit for my work. Her professional manner, attention to detail and thorough and insightful comments allowed my manuscript to develop from an infant draft to an adult. And I found the revision process an exciting and satisfying one as a result of her hard work.

Claire Snyman, Author, Two Steps Forward, TEDx speaker, health care advocate

I chose Pat because her sample edit was the most detailed and useful for me, the most respectful of my voice while still making useful suggestions. She did a great job editing my crime fiction novel. She doesn’t just identify the story holes but often comes up with great suggestions to fill them. With her excellent and detailed suggestions, my story is finally getting close to seeing the light of day.

Angela G., Writer

When I had the notion to self-publish the first book in my science fiction series, Allies and Enemies: Fallen, I realized that I needed an editor with considerable patience and skills—a super hero. Pat Dobie (although I’m not sure if she wears a cape and tights) certainly fits the role of such a hero! Not only did she help me battle through waves of edits, she did it with a friendly manner that was always supportive and insightful. Although I’ll always feel like a sidekick in the realm of “real” writers, Pat is someone I count on to swoop in with handy suggestions and indispensable advice. I look forward to our future adventures together!

Amy J. Murphy, Author, Dragon Award Finalist and Amazon best-seller

I struck a bonanza when my search for an editor led me to Pat Dobie. She doesn’t do anything half way: she digs in, absorbs what you’ve done, and gives you what you asked for (and sometimes what you didn’t!). In the end, the work is  your own, but having the talents and “ears” of a person who loves to read, loves to edit, loves to take a book apart and see what it can look like put back together – that perspective is worth a great deal to all writers. I so enjoyed working with Pat and working through her notes, all helpful. She follows through on every single guarantee she makes. She’s professional, thorough, and fun – and a great motivator. I can’t wait to start a new book so that I can work with her again!

Mary Sheeran, author of Banished From Memory, Distinguished Favorite in Historical Fiction (2019 Independent Press Awards), Distinguished Favorite in Entertainment Writing (2019 NY International Big Book Award)

Pat, thank you for your extensive edit and for all your notes. They are EXTREMELY helpful. I will be using a lot of your suggestions to better each story.

Evan Baughman, Author and Award-Winning Playwright

Pat, your edit highlights topics and ideas I hadn’t yet considered and shows how to make the story better…which is exactly what I wanted. Wonderful! As I continue editing the story I feel like I have a supportive friend and teacher at my right hand offering advice, help and encouragement. Thanks for your elegant style!

Allan Ramsay, Writer

Prompt and professional, Pat Dobie was wonderful to work with. She provided excellent guidance and top-notch feedback, with detailed breakdowns of character development, plot, and flow that helped us see the big picture as well as the details. The fact that she is a writer gives her additional insight, and she provided useful resources and guidance about the daunting task of revision. We wholeheartedly recommend her.

Julia and Ella Bailey, Coauthors

Pat’s incredible insight and enthusiasm over this book made writing the story exciting again. Getting the stories and characters to translate on the page was hard. She provided all the right notes in all the right places. It was a match made in editorial heaven.

Jessica Serra Huizenga, Author

Pat Dobie was the perfect editor. Dependable, timely, compassionate, helpful–perfect, as I said.

Barbara T., Writer

Pat has been an exceptional editor to work with. She has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. She is extremely thorough, detailed and gives feedback that is specific to you and your story. Her advice on pacing, characterization, scene dynamics and plot threads were invaluable. My manuscript would not be where it is today if it weren’t for her carefully thought out advice. She is extremely approachable and helpful but isn’t afraid to dish out the tough feedback a manuscript needs to get it to the next level. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

Liv Raimonde, Writer