Book Editing

A Close Reading is What Your Work Needs

You might know your manuscript inside and out, but what you can’t see is the effect your work has on a reader: how it makes them feel.

Your friends can’t tell you if your book works, your spouse can’t tell you, your parents can’t tell you, not even your writing group or workshop members can tell you. Everybody’s seen what you put into it; everybody wants it to work.

A close reading by a blunt and kindly writer/editor is the best thing that can happen to your work. This is the single most important service I provide. I am your reader, I’m an editor, and I’m a writer myself. I will identify where your manuscript needs work to create a compelling, riveting, can’t-put-it-down book.


I can help in myriad ways.

A big-picture manuscript evaluation will tell you if your story works and identify any barriers to publication or submission. A developmental edit will identify big-picture issues, itemize the holes and suggest fixes in a detailed revision plan. A substantive two-pass edit will do it all, plus a line edit and copyedit to let your prose really shine.

  • Manuscript Evaluation: If you want an overview assessment, or if your manuscript’s substantially longer or shorter than publication norms, you might benefit from a big-picture assessment . This is also a good choice if you know your story can be improved but you aren’t ready for a comprehensive edit.

  • Developmental Edit: If you know your manuscript is flawed but you can’t put your finger on why, do this. Or, if you are confident in your prose (don’t need or want line editing) but are looking for serious and detailed advice on big-picture elements such as structure, theme, plot and characterization, this could be your option.

  • Comprehensive Edit: You might do this two-pass option if your book’s the right length and EVERYONE thinks it’s perfect, but it’s still not getting requests-for-full-manuscript from agents. Or, if you’re planning to publish the book yourself, a thorough line edit and copyedit will allow you to send it out into the world with confidence.

  • Coaching and Consultation: Having trouble getting to the end of your book-length project? I will design a program specifically for you.


Rates are given here and depend on the level of editing needed. Coaching and consultation is offered at an hourly rate between 95-125USD. Contact me for your free sample edit and quote.

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